this is my confession.

so i'm going to be really frank here with you, my little bloggies (blog version of groupies).

i'm kind of in love with joe jonas.

i know i know.

he's a disney channel star.
he wears really tight white pants...often.
and he probably uses more hair product than i do.

but (!)
he's waiting until marriage.
he's close with his family.
and he used to kiss taylor swift.
on the mouth.

she wrote songs about it.

the only downside is, i think my 6 year old niece would give me the cold shoulder for quite a while if my dating-a-jonas-brother-but-preferably-not-the-baby-one dream came true.

blood before jo bro.

besides, my little sweetie of a niece is way too cute to pass up.

(pics from google images and...me.)

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Stephen said...

You have a crush on every boy.