the daily special

this is a secret picture from the archives of sara's camera and i boosted the color on picasa.
are our lips naturally that pink? probably not.
are we naturally that awesome? why yes, of course.

i had a case of the stomach flu this week. i hated it.
constantly uncomfortable + constantly nauseous = constantly grouchy.
for those who had the guts to talk to me during these times, i salute you.

watching house proves to be helpful in studying. they just mentioned heart waves found on an EKG (first heart sound at the end of the QRS wave, second at the end of the T wave), epilepsy (my kindred spirits) and tachycardia!
i have a human bio test tomorrow, how could you tell?

obama is the new president. on a scale of 1-10 my caring ranks at about a 3. pathetic? maybe. apathetic? always.
i really just hate conflict. i just want everyone to be happy again.
let's unite as americans.
like when everyone decided they hated bush and used it as sitcom punchlines.
those were the days.

attention all.
listen to the song "i'd give it all for you" by jason robert brown.
yes. it's a showtune. from a MUSICAL. you'll get over it.
i've listened to it probably 15 times today.

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