tea and things

to start off this blog, i would just like to give a shout out to my friends at celestial seasoning.
i'm loving on the honey chamomile tea.

(pic from google images.)

now on to the serious stuff.
below is an illustration of the accident i almost got in on sunday night.
yes. i drew it via paint, but i think it's a pretty good representation of the highway...and my brush with death.

the pinky/purple square represents my car.
the blue square represents the person that tried to cut me off.
the yellow diamond represents the carpool lane.
so i was driving along (at about 80 mph), listening to some horrible remake of walk like an egyptian. when this person (male or female, i know not) tries to get in my lane. i know that the far left lane is where it's at, because that's where i usually drive. however, it ISN'T the place to be when there is a car RIGHT NEXT TO YOU that tries to cut you off.
so this car cuts me off, i swerve to the left and then try to swerve back to the right so i don't cut off some unsuspecting driver in the carpool lane.
(space for dramatic effect.)
dead engine.

no one hit me.
i hit no one.
and my car started once i stopped freaking out.

after a sob fest in the chevron parking lot(nearly fatal accidents make me cry, i guess) and a million prayers,
i got back on the road, stayed in the far right lane and went 50 mph the whole way home.

it's a miracle that i wasn't hurt. and it's a miracle that i didn't hit anyone in the process of spinning out of control.
i can handle a few broken bones or a smashed up car, but i wouldn't be able to deal with the fact that my car had hurt someone else.

Heavenly Father's looking out for all of us.
you better believe it.

p.s. i hate chemistry. "let's take math and add chemicals!!!! that'll be fun."

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