hollywood studios/magic kingdom - may 2015

In May 2015, Jonathan and I went to Walt Disney World for the first time.
We had been wanting to take a vacation, but whenever it came time to solidify plans, we always found a reason not to go, or save the money, etc. etc.
So I think it was one day in February when we finally bit the bullet and just booked our trip.

General disclaimer:  picture overload.
Other general disclaimer/desperate plea:  Take me back.

We took a red eye flight to Orlando and while it definitely maximized our time in the parks - I was SO TIRED our first day (I don't sleep well on planes), but we decided to check out Hollywood Studios first since it was closest to our hotel (we stayed at the Pop! Century Resort) in case we crashed half way through the day.

Here's one of the only pictures I took of our hotel (I don't know why I didn't take more):
A picture of food! Are you surprised. The sausage was gross, but the little waffles were cute.
Here are some of our photos from Hollywood Studios/Magic Kingdom:

I had never seen Country Bear Jamboree and it was really, really hot one of the days we were in the Magic Kingdom so we figured we'd give it a shot. I still laugh whenever I think about it. So many weird things. Especially the end of the show when the bear sings about blood and bones? It got a little dark.
Waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain.
More of the line from Big Thunder Mountain.

This picture is terrible, but this was our bus ride from the airport. I'm a huge dork and really loved the way we booked our trip. Because we booked through Disney World everything was SUPER Disney-ed out. This bus played Disney cartoons and I loved it.
This was the first ride we went on:  Toy Story Midway Mania.

This is my mom's favorite ride so I had to send her a picture. It ended up being our favorite version of Tower of Terror. I also liked that the hotel was done in a Spanish style.

Gotta love that castle. This is the back side.
And here's the front!
The way the rides are set up in Florida is really fun. They obviously think about the rainy season so a lot more (if not all) of the line is inside. I also liked the Spanish style of Pirates as well. Even though I'm pretty partial to Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean, it was still fun to ride a classic.
This was right after we went on Splash Mountain. I really loved the Splash Mountain at Disney World because I could sit next to Jonathan and there was a lap bar. I'm kind of a wuss and still get scared at the old fashioned Splash Mountain in Disneyland where you sit single file and don't have anything holding you in!

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