animal kingdom - may 2015

We were both really excited to check out Animal Kingdom because there isn't really anything like it at Disneyland. I wish I had taken photos of the Lion King show (even though I don't think you're supposed to) because it was so fun and the singers were amazing!
Our favorite thing at Animal Kingdom was Kilimanjaro Safari. I wasn't quite sure what to expect because I thought we would be on this typical theme park ride through a glorified zoo. No. No. No.
You're put in this beefed up safari jeep (but for like...30 people) and then driven through this wildlife preserve. It's pretty crazy and super fun.
Prepare for one million photos:

The first time we went on the safari we went in the heat of the day. This meant that most of the animals would be out, but the lions (naturally) were lounging around digesting.

These deer are herbivores, but their horns were intimidating. So I felt brave being this close.

Hippo butt.  NBD.

The last time we went on the safari we didn't think we would see very many animals, but we ended up seeing the most. A rhino got real close. (This isn't a zoomed in picture.)

Jonathan made friends with a duck while we were eating lunch. And even I, the loud and proud bird hater, thought he was pretty cute. So we gave him some bread. Don't tell on us.

Tree of Life

As I'm writing this I'm realizing that those sunglasses are broken now and Jonathan's hair is down to his shoulders. #worstbloggerever

Cool river that runs through the entire park. That's the faux Everest mountain in the distance.

The plaque on this toad's aquarium said that they hardly move at all in a day. Came back after taking this picture and the little sucker had moved. I like to think that I inspired him to do something with his life.

This was the only full grown gorilla we really saw while we were there. There were whisperings about the stud of the group hanging around the part of the enclosure that you can see, but we never saw him. He was probably off smoking cigarettes and spray painting alleyways.
You can't see it really, but there was this adorable, awkward gorilla baby that is clinging to the mom in this picture and hiding from the paparazzi.
My favorite memory from seeing the gorillas is that somehow (or maybe on purpose) there were rabbits inside the gorilla area and the baby gorilla was LOSING. ITS. MIND. over the rabbits. It was the funniest thing to watch.
Also, gorilla's have an early bedtime. Like me.

Two different kind of giraffes and part of a lady's face. You're welcome.

Even though I really like elephants and was really excited to see them, I've watched one too many Bear Grylls' shows where he talks about how elephants are really dangerous and very territorial so I was kind of nervous that they would charge our bus. Luckily they had a pond that separated us from the elephants, but...um...have you guys seen an elephant? That "pond" you can see in the picture is basically a puddle to them.

Also, I think at this point during one of the rides, this woman kept standing up in the bus trying to get pictures and the driver stopped the bus and basically gave us this big lecture that if anyone stood up again that he wasn't going to slow down if we saw anymore animals. I felt thoroughly chastised and a little bit like I was on a school field trip.


I got this bow from the little girl's section of one of the gift shops.

Black Swan, anyone?

This guy posed for us. Look at those horns!

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