epcot - may 2015

Here are our pictures from Epcot. We were both excited to see what the fuss was all about with Epcot. Growing up, I just thought that Epcot was the boring park for the adults. Well joke's on you, baby Natalie. Epcot is awesome and where we spent most of our time. Hungry? Go to Epcot. Want to just sit and watch something in a cool, dark place? Go to Epcot. Want to watch a bunch of animatronics move around while Judi Dench whispers in your ear? Go to Epcot.

Even though there are a million pictures below - I took a ton more (mostly of food). There were some places in the World Showcase that I forgot to even document because I was too busy looking at everything. The coolest gift shop was by far the gift shop in Japan. I had just finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha for the millionth time so I was obsessed with looking at the cool, vintage kimono they had.

The cool Magic Band system at Disney World is seriously the best. This cute bracelet we wore on our wrist was our room key, debit card and fast pass in one. One night, we left everything in our hotel, grabbed our Magic Bands and ran around Epcot riding rides and buying souvenirs and food like it was going out of style. It was really fun and such a big perk both of going to Disney World and staying at a resort on the Disney property.

This was right before the American showcase started. Jonathan fell asleep. I cried because America. No biggie.
FRUSHI! It was basically sweet rice wrapped in a froot roll up, but I got it twice and loved it.
Pretty curtain at the American showcase. Again. Tears. America. 
There is a boat that will take you back and forth between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. This was the first time we got to sit on the open bow of the boat. We were very happy. Also, we rode this boat daily like it was our JOB.
A bunny. Of course.
We were in Mexico on Cinco de Mayo. So obviously we tried on hats.
Sad sombrero man.
Clearly, I have no shame.
Nighttime. Beautiful glowing orb. Big whoop.
This is the only picture I have of Italy. We will have to go back and explore more. I just remember all of the gift shops were expensive perfume and very smelly.
Ignore the eclair - it wasn't that good, but the brioche?!?!?! OMG. I die. I had two. Bread makes you fat, brioche makes you obese.
Just Jonathan being adorable. He's basically the best person to travel with because he is always up for something new and he never gets tired. I however am always tired and whine a lot. Therefore, Jonathan is the patron saint of husbands.
This is what the car we designed looked like the second time through Test Track. The first time through we built this beautiful beast of a car and then lost every test to a bunch of high school punks. This car above won every race. Take that, suckers.
Oh, hello.
This picture will forever make me laugh. When we first went on Spaceship Earth (my favorite ride in Epcot), we didn't realize if it was actually taking our picture and if it was - "what it would be used for?" we wondered. Well just the coolest video of our futures where we ride in spaceships, of course! Once we figured this out, we proceeded to send every Spaceship Earth movie we created to our parents. We went on this ride like 6 times. Sorry, Mom and Dad.
This is us on the first ride we went on in Epcot - Living with the Land. The name sounds kind of cheesy, but the ride was really fun.
First Epcot snack. I don't even really like pretzels, but I had to try it.
We ate at this little outdoor cantina place in Mexico a couple of times and on Cinco de Mayo - it was PACKED. I went to go save a table and while I was waiting, this bird was wandering up to people looking for food. I'm terrified of birds and really wished at that moment that I had offered to wait for the food instead of saving a table. I took this picture to distract myself from my fear - and to show Jonathan later because I was brave.
A cute dude in Mexico.

The China pavilion.
The inside ceiling of the China pavilion.

Gift shop of China.
We were there during the Food and Garden festival so they had a bunch of topiaries shaped like the characters. Someone should really make a skirt like this.

Oh and then we went to the moon.

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