in which i attempt to get out of a funk

i seriously think i'm suffering from bloggers block.
i have started at least 10 posts in the last 2 weeks and can't seem to develop any of them enough to where i want to post them.
so i'm going to try some mini bursts of writing and see what happens.
and i'm sorry - because it's about to get real boring/weird up in here...

but you'll get to see the wack-a-doo way my brain works.
for free.
because i'm charitable like that.

1. jonathan and i went to a concert last night and this guy (i say with gnarled, gnashing teeth) was talking. the. whole. time. and i was FLIPPING OUT. and i sat in my seat thinking - why is it always my luck that i sit in front of the jerk who decides to talk in the middle of a song? and it hit me. it's not that i have bad luck - it's just that there are a lot of doofy (this is an edited word becuase i'm trying not to say douche. oops.) people in the world who think that it's okay.
and get this.
when the lights came on - i realized that not only was this "kid" my age, but he was also sitting next to his parents. who were talking just as much as he was.
i know i'm only 23 and not allowed by the old person international handbook to say "kids these days," so i'll make it cooler and only say - KTD, you guys. KTD.

2. i love my job. and realize daily how incredibly blessed i am that i can say that. i was hired as a full-time employee at an advertising agency on the day i graduated from college. what??!??!? that is not even my life.
but it is!
and that's awesome.

3. i'm going to the carolinas in 2 days (for work. like a BOSS!...except actually a lowly advertising account coordinator) and i'm a little wiggy about it from time to time for these bulleted reasons you see below:

  • this will be the first time since...last year that i will be away from jonathan for more than a day.
  • i also have to pack business dress for 3 separate meetings. UGH. i think the biggest downer of my job is that i really hate wearing dress pants 4 days every week. - i feel like i can look perfectly presentable in jeans, thankyouverymuch. whatever...it just makes casual fridays THAT much better.
  • i'm kind of a spaz in new situations sometimes (read:  all the time). but i also used to think that i hated salami...turns out i don't.

so hopefully it'll be the same?
italian meat and business trips.
sounds like a dashboard confessional song title to me.

speaking of music...
watch this video.
(do it. i don't do this for my health, people.)

*this is a legit offer. i need to stop eating wendy's chicken nuggets at my desk.

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