getting introspective with grad cat!

(i know i've probably posted this photo before...SO BE IT. it's awesome.)

i know it's been ages.
something else i know is that i start almost every blog post that way.
i'm still not used to being a grown up where things like documentation and decorating are important.
just deal, okay?

i read a book called "a million miles in a thousand years" that made me think about life a lot.
it made me want to remember to write down on anything anywhere anytime those things that make up my life.
my life as a wife. daughter. sister. coworker.

what i'm trying to get at - is i really think it's important to focus on the life we live every day (hence the documentation in the moment) and not just wait around for some distant day in the future when we:
get a new car
get married
get a haircut? (i really need a haircut...)
to feel better about life/ourselves/other people

what about today?
i mean today i got up (late - surprise!), went to work, came home, watched tv, went to bed (well i will do that...).
but we don't live our life in the broad strokes...we live in the little things, right?
(i know this is turning sappy - stay with me)
if i was just focusing on the broad idea of my life:  born, try not to die, die, etc. etc. etc.
you wouldn't know that i had an awesome cinnamon raisin bagel while driving to work
or that my amazing husband told me he was proud of me
or that i drew a grad cap on a cat picture...

i know i've always been this annoying optimist...and maybe i don't actually see the world for what it is and i'll wake up one day to be extremely disappointed or something...
but today wasn't that day.
and i don't think tomorrow will be either.

in conclusion, be happy.
also, listen to this song.

(yet another song i found via gossip girl. i'm radical.)

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