back from the dead to talk about love!

we've been pretty sick around our house. for almost a month to be exact. 
(all long stories about chicken fingers, food poisoning and horrible viruses you better pray you never get.)
and between hacking up a lung and being a full-time employed fancy pants (not that fancy. full-time employment. or my pants. sorry.)...
i've been a bad blogger.
i'm sorry.

so to warm everyone's hearts (and to warm you back up to how we do things around here) - 
here's a little post to my hubband.

this is my adorable husband being scared of splash mountain.

picture a parking lot in salt lake city on january 31.
it's dusk.
and a silly girl named natalie forgot to check her tires before leaving home that morning and thus...has a flat tire.
who does she call?
who drives 30 minutes out of his way to come rescue her?
who fills the tires with air while natalie just stands there?

you get the point.

all i'm saying is - i get to be with this dude forever.
and i'm sure if i get a flat tire in heaven, he'd help me out then too.
even if he's in a white jumpsuit. that has to be dry cleaned.

love you, honey lamb.

this is wedding day husband

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