my favorite movie

lately (okay...my whole life) i do this thing where i act like i'm so shocked about something (a question, a comment, a request, a test score, etc.) because i think it's expected of me. (does this even make sense?)

to put it into context - when i realized that the first two questions of this 30-day challenge were "what's your favorite song?" and "what's your favorite movie?"

i thought (in my fake rage voice, naturally):  how dare they!!! (whoever "they" is/are?) 
who can actually pick a favorite song (um. you can, nat. you did.) 
AND a favorite movie (did that one, too.)?!?!?!

...basically there is no way to transition into the point of this post in an organic way.
so let's just move on from my neurotic behavior.
(or better yet! let's blame it on independent study.)

my favorite movie is "memoirs of a geisha"

it took me so long to pick a picture form google images. too many distracting things - memoirs of a geisha desktop wallpaper, you guys! wallpaper!

if you've known me for longer than 2.5 seconds, you've probably heard me talk about this movie.

it's so beautiful and sad (and then happy) and inspiring. 
i don't really have the words to do it any sort of justice, so just do me a favor and watch it, okay?

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