my first date.

we're gonna do this post two part style.
and there are pictures! i tried to get as close to the actual time frame as possible. to set the mood and such.
part 1. my first date ever in my whole life.

this is a pretty accurate idea of what i looked like on this date as it was a time in my life when i was obsessed with polos.
and blonde highlights. (the hair color denial thing was a bad time.)

my first date was the day after i turned 16.
i wanted my date to be special and such - and at the darling age of 16 i was so starry eyed that i was going with a boy i had a huge crush on (he totes liked me too. presh!).
we went to dinner and then to a park - it was fun, but pretty uneventful.
the good part came when he walked me to my door.
now remember that we both liked each other - and i was thinking about the doorstep scene from the very beginning (i'm a worrier/wonderer like that).
he walked me up the stairs and...
patted me on the head.
no hug.
no handshake. (although i had that after a date once and it felt weird like an interview.)

part 2. my first date with j love.
this blurry masterpiece was taken about a week or so after our first date. my sister begged me to send her a picture of this boy i kept raving about.

i've talked about our first date before (here and here) so let's just look at the end result of said date.

that's happiness, guys.

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