my favorite song

let's just get one thing straight..i'm one of those people.
the kind that when asked "what kind of music do you like?"
always says "oh you knowwwww. whatever."

when i was getting bridals taken this summer, my photographer, in an attempt to get to know me better, asked me this question. and i gave my typical response.
but this time instead of just saying "okay..." all awkwardly (because you KNOW deep down that these people have a favorite band that they love, but they are too shy to say anything) 
she said:  "everyone has a music style they like the most."
and then - because i'm an idiot who was just called out 
said:  "well i've been listening to a lot of 'n sync lately."
which was the truth. yes.
but so not my favorite.

basically what i'm trying to say is - i'm definitely interested in all types of music, but i'm not going to cop out this time.

my favorite song is "transatlanticism" by death cab for cutie.

when i first heard the song, it was in karen's car during junior year of high school. a boy (her first boyyyyyfran) had given the song to her on one of his infamous "i like you so much and these songs make me think of you" mixes. and transatlanticism was his song for her.
the first things out of my mouth when i heard it was "boring! can we change it?"

but then i grew up and learned to love it.
something about the song is so stirring and really beautiful.

and it always spoke to me when i was missing j during the week when he was in layton and i was in provo. (dramatic, i know.)

the song is definitely on the longer side and not everyone's cup of tea, but no matter how i'm feeling i can always listen to it (ALL of it) and feel something new.

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Jared and Karen said...

Oh, mixes. So glad it revealed your Death Cab For Cutie love.