here's to the light at the end of the tunnel

(image found here. graphic, but funny?)

you guys, i'm not lying when i say, i'm feeling a little burnt* out.
(*can also be read as:  stressed, freaking, etc.)

between two online classes (not as easy as they sound), "real" class in provo twice a week, finishing up internship projects (try like 5 internship projects), starting a new internship and being a functioning human being and wife - i'm feeling a little like my head it going to explode - and a lot like i don't even care about much else besides sweat pants, netflix, and jonathan. (why yes, i am a glowing example of productivity all. the. time.)

i have to write the responses to 8 "thought" questions concerning time dilation - who has time to take out the trash? or make the bed.

and after i've stuffed myself full of a sufficient amount of belly aching 
and procrastination (writing thank you notes is really important to my degree. right?) (so is blogging. doi.)
i remember that this is my life. 
and my life is pretty awesome. 
and blessed.

and i wouldn't be able to experience (what i assume can only be) the relief (and joy.) of graduating college if i didn't have to endure these pesky papers and quizzes.
and getting to watch 30 rock snuggled in bed wouldn't be nearly as fun if i didn't use it as a reward system to get something done throughout the day.

so i just have to buck it up.
and make it to december.

here we go?

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