the time where i nearly torched the internet.

i'm having a moment right now.
jonathan is asleep (early? on time? who knows with us anymore.) because he has early early work tomorrow morning (main reason why i'm blogging about this and not having a screaming fit.) - and here i am...working on stupid stupid stupid physical science.
TWO hours of analyzing forces and fundamental principles and blah blahhhhhh only to push the "submit portfolio 1 assignment" button and be rejected.

so harshly rejected by an error message that my "request could not be processed" and i should try my submission "again."
(apparently i quote things a lot when i'm upset.)

and what do you know?
far away from this place.
lost in cyber space.
(unintentional anger rhyme)

i tried to do my "it's okay. just do it again. you need this to graduate." pep talk.
but no.
i will not give in so easily.

the internet must pay for robbing me of my completed work.
and so must physical science 100.

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