in which i make a mess and buy a glue gun.

i woke up the other day in a panic to make a wreath.
basically the weirdest thing to happen to me to date.

and i'm only acting like it was a force i couldn't control because IT WAS.

so i hauled my craft-challenged booty to hobby lobby (a magical place that makes me feel like i can do anything).
then the panic of needing-to-make-a-wreath-right.this.second.
turned into the do-these-colors-even-go-together and where-is-the-MUSTARD-felt?!? (there wasn't any.) sort of panic.

when i got home with my bag full of dreams and watched a tutorial on the joy of making felt flowers - i was optimistic. 
cautious, but hopeful.

then the wrapping began.
and 2 gossip girl episodes and a movie later - i had a purple yarn circle.

i debated just hanging that on the door.
i mean...i had done something. 

but thanks to aladdin (yes. i'm 5.) and an insatiable urge to be the ultimate wife (i'm still defining what that actually is.), i ended up with this:
(hey! i'm a horrible picture. nice to meet you.)

and while it's not typical fall colors - they're still in the right vein, right?
i don't know. i'm still feeling like i need validation about this new found side of me that craves to do crafts, but at least our door is no longer naked.

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