this one time where i get defensive about stuff. so...a typical post.

(i don't own this, but i do find it hilarious. and i'm pretty sure i found it here.)

i've been thinking a lot lately about lots of different things.
let's take a journey through my brain today, shall we?
(word to the wise:  get a snack or practice what college has taught you and skim read the crap out of this and then pretend you understand it.)
(i'm also going to break up this post with pictures so your eyes don't bleed from the font. you're welcome.)

1. what do i classify as MY hobbies?
i've had this conversation with j a bunch of times because there's a dude with hobbies. and i LOVE that about him. he always has a list of things that he wants/needs/has to do for fun - whereas i'm often found doing whatever sounds fun at the time. but i don't think that necessarily means that i DON'T have any hobbies at all...i'm just much more sporadic (read:  ADD) about it. perhaps it's because a majority of my hobbies are the do-by-yourself hobbies. like reading blogs, or watching embarrassing ridiculous television, or pretending i'm a REALLY good singer (but only when i'm by myself. duh.), or driving around in my car when i need to think (is it okay that i classify that as a hobby?). i guess i could say that i like listening to music, going to concerts, playing the piano (i am a mormon girl after all), watching movies, etc. etc. etc. but those seem to be just...habitual (everyone likes most of those things, right?) more than anything and often times i forget about the piano gathering dust downstairs or lack the fundage to go to a concert. and i'd rather watch a movie with my dude than by myself. ("my dude" sound weird right? i'm trying out some new nicknames. give me a break.)
i don't know why i'm even defending this. i guess what's important is that...i do what i like when i want to. and that changes often.
(these are the things that i enjoy buying from thrift stores. ugly sweaters with built-collars. oh and sarah.)

1.5. will i be doomed to a life full of consistently embarassing hobbies because i'm terrible at cooking/sewing/crafting/"thrifting"/dressing well?
probably. but as you're laughing at my love for korean television - assess some of your own hobbies. everyone has a nerdy/embarrassing/borderline-horrible thing they like and whether or not it's a secret hobby (which sounds pretty scandalous) - you still spend your time doing it. so go do that thing instead of laughing at me.
2. how long do i have to be married before people start pestering me about procreation?
i'm guessing about a month. or an hour. it could go either way.
about 2 years ago one of my friends from high school (who got married right out of high school) asked me "when are you going to fall in love and get MAAAAARRRRIED?!?!" 
first:  how do you seriously reply to that?
second:  if i knew that, i probably wouldn't be talking to you, but rather getting an eyebrow wax/shaving my legs/eating pizza/etc.
third:  stop it, bridal baby. (i know i'm only 23, but she was 18! so give me a break.)
obviously if i'm not safe from questions of love and marriage at the "sadly" single age of 20, i am never going to be safe from baby questions as a wedded wife of wifedom (again with the nicknames. i know.)
3. what's with the passive agressive phone companies?
(this is just the thought of the moment. AT&T doesn't keep me up in the night.)
what's with the text, guys? it's like when my mom texts me at 10:30 and says things like "i hope you're not tired when you have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning." (i love you, mom.)
"AT&T Free Msg:  (paraphrase. blah blah blah.)...find the plan that's right for you and minimize a costly bill."
(this picture is just cute and funny to me.)

4. am i one of those people that like things because it's cool or do i honestly make my own, informed opinions?
this is a deep one...that could turn into a bout of self-deprication for being a "follower" (i laugh everytime i hear this word. no matter the context.) or a defensive ramble about my uniqueness and blah blah blah.
i tend to revel in the fact that i sometimes (not so much anymore. i'm old and boring and stupid now.) know about bands before they "got big" (but thinking about it now...they are kind of lame bands to know about anyway - panic at the disco? who even cares about them anymore?) this is a very "hipster-y" trait of mine. and i will own up to that any day.
but freak, people. i'm pretty sure i've listened to more n'sync this week than wolfbabycatpowermotherbeard - so let's all take a step off the super cool indie/emo/vintage(? um. what?) music pedestal and admit that JT still knows how to rock the Jetta and sometimes bearded men moaning to the sounds of tambourines and shakers makes me sleepy.
and sure. i have a pinterest account (because my hard drive practically CRIED until i signed up for one), but so does my english teacher and a million other people.
and i shop at urban outfitters and have 2 pairs of TOMS and on and on and on. but whatever. i like shoes and shopping, i am a girl after all.
i also shop at walmart and american eagle and hot topic (randomly. even though i'm scared of the girl's selection of unmentionables.) - so stereotype that.
i don't know why i'm being so defensive today. yikes. sorry.
4.5. will i still be worthy of love if i'm not crazy about vinyl lettering/"keep calm and carry on" posters/and the saying "all because two people fell in love..."?
please say yes. because i really want to be loved.

p.s. i think i just realized another hobby - giving nicknames to things that either don't need one (inanimate objects, marital status, etc.) or already have many perfectly good ones (jonathan). so congrats on that, nat.
p.p.s. oh. clearly also talking to myself is a hobby. not in a crazy way, but in a self-affirmation sort of way.


Hannah said...

If people start asking about when you're gonna spawn, tell them you were born without a uterus and you'd prefer not to talk about it. That way, maybe the word will spread through the super-secret Mormon gossip grapevine and you will never have to deal with the questions again.

Also, another passive-aggressive way to deal with the culture RE: vinyl lettering would be to put Li'l Wayne lyrics on the walls of your living space.

natalie. said...

and it's funny because i know exactly which li'l wayne lyrics i would use...

Hannah said...

I'm just imagining walking into a cute newlywed apartment/townhome and seeing "Okay, you're a goon, but what's a goon to a goblin?" pasted on the wall.

And it fills me with an overwhelming joy.

Emerald said...

I fully support Hannah's suggestion about the walls, both uterine and apartment. And you totes don't just like something because "it's cool", I know for a fact that you like plenty of uncool things.
I have also realized that I have too many nicknames for you- Nat Bat, Natty, Natty B, Bestie, Roomy, Girrll, ect. And it's ok.