another list. wedding edition.

(a little thing i edited and made my own. original found here.)

honeymoon stuff booked:  check.
invitations sent:  check.
marriage license:  check.
part 1 of videography:  check.
bridals:  check.
guest book:  check.
still as in love as ever:  double check.
(hey. who said i can't make cheesy mastercard-esque blog posts?)

on monday, j and i pranced (well...i pranced. he walked around very handsomely) around the train yard for a good ol' moving picture show to show at the reception.
i'll try to post it here when it's finished.
j carried my purse when i was too lazy to pick it up myself and help me out of rusty train cars where hobos hide in the night.
he's a gem, that one.

today i got to play around with yan (aka diana - i like calling her yan like we're the best of friends.) and her wonderful camera.
you guys, i seriously can't tell you how much fun i had.
(even when moose appeared and i nearly cried)
yan is a seriously talented lady.
shooting my bridals with natural lighting and film?!?!
oh. my. heaven.
i cannot wait to see the beautiful things she created.
if there's anything you take from this basically pointless post - please let it be visiting her blog.

whew. it's tough stuff integrating procrastination (blogging at all hours of the night) into productivity (making lists of things to do, etc.).

sorry for more wedding talk.
with only 17 days, it's all i can think/talk about.

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