since i've been wed.

10 things i've learned since becoming a married lady
an iPhone photo essay by natalie marie zempter
(it's official, fools!)

getting married is awesome. and getting married at this pretty place is awesome AND forever.
also, i should've thought to take this picture OUTSIDE of the car.

they give you buttons at disneyland for being newly married.
and then all the ride operators, garbage sweepers, park goers, shuttle drivers tell you congrats.
and then they will get all of the pirates of the caribbean passengers and line-waiters to clap for you.

the long beach airport is mostly outside!
cool! (and a little ghetto.)

jungle cruise is a great first ride.
1. it's covered.
2. there are cheesy jokes.
3. sometimes your tour guide is asian and has a higher-pitched voice and it's funny.

even though the food at disneyland is a gazillion-and-five dollars
hoping to find a cheaper meal at your hotel (where the room service closes at 10 PM - who are you, california?!?) seems like a super cool idea - 
never. under any circumstances. buy a meal from the hotel "gift shop."
unless you want really gross food and a funny story.
because then you'll get both.

the lego store gives everyone the same, giant bag.

disneyland is a horrible wonderful place for someone who insists on trying on every hat they see.

mickey head ice cream bars are a gift from above.

tomorrowland hates us...today.

when you're a bro - you're a bro4lyf.

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Emerald said...

You two are adorable.
Long beach airport is totes ghetto.
The first thing I thought bro4lyf stood for was "bro for lifting".