ugh. girly stuff.

so call me a girly girl
(i know i have my moments)
but i'm seriously flippingalid over these engagements.

i don't normally like themey pictures
(and there are some of these that make me feel a bit...queasy),
but i think that the styling was so spot on
that i actually enjoyed the vintage throwback feel a la the notebook
(ryan gosling swoonage, right?)
whereas my normal response...
would be somewhere between baby-punching and face-palming.

enough talking.
just look.

here's the rest of the shoot here.

okay.  girly drooling moment done.
for now.

1 comment:

Emerald said...

I saw these and loved the pictures too! The whole thing is wah-hey too theme-y for me for real engagements, but just as pictures, so lovely. Lets watch notebook sometime,when we feel like being so ridiculous it's barfy, yes?