happy birthday, america!

everyone knows that the 4th of july (juillet, julio) is my fave holiday.
traditionally i spend time with family at the festivities in north ogden.
i don't think many things get better than an awkward, hometown parade.
i.e.  the highlight of last year's parade was SAZZY photography's float...or was it their name?
who knows.
this year i was required to work stadium of fire since i work for the wonderful ticket office here at BYU.
(i bet my stalkers are loving all of this info...for when they finally decide to show themselves!)
(just kidding.  sort of.)
the upside was that after i spent the day listening to people whine about:
 tickets being sold out ("you really have nooooooo tickets left?")
getting ripped off by scalpers
it being hot (like i have control or something).
i got to sit FIFTH ROW CENTER at the carrie underwood performance.
and it was 100% free.
sometimes my life is awesome.

here's a picture of the beautiful ms. underwood.
she sounds AMAZING live.  seriously.
and i know i sound a bit fangirl-ish, but she really is so talented.
and i may or may not have sang out loud a little baby bit.
(don't tell.)

and this is a pretty bomb shot that i got with the fireworks setting on my camera.
i love the north ogden fireworks, but these were AMAZING.
at least 20+ minutes long.
and choreographed (is that the right word?) to different composers.
overall...it was a good time.
but i fully intend on planning the police vs. fire baseball game next year.


Selena said...

i will show up at the next event that the byu ticket office makes you work.

.......stalker baby....asian.....!!!

Emerald said...

Selena and I can couple asain stalk together?
Natty, I loved the last fourth, because we were besties at the parade. And I never hear the word sassy without seeing it spelled with "z"s anymore.