color stripe

i'm posting this picture to mourn the loss of my red stripe.

it is now the color of a creamsicle.
that is two weeks old.
at the bottom of a dumpster.

okay so maybe not that gross, but it's certainly not red.

but in 3-5 business days it will be the cheesiest color ever.

but i won't tell you what that color is going to be...because i like to hold people in suspense.
especially those that need to get new cell phones.
(yes, emy. i'm looking at you.)

so get your fishnet arm stockings ready and prep yourself for some sensitive, thought-provoking lyrics.
because this new stripe.
well it's gonna be inspirational.

1 comment:

Emerald said...

AH maybe you should wait to dye your hair the cheesy color for when I get back, so that I can do it with you!
By maybe, I mean: Please please so that we can be weird friends who do weird things.