christmas meadows

in honor of the birth of E
(since she was in hawaii and whatnot)
and pioneers,
(not their birth, but their walking etc.)
we went camping at christmas meadows.
christmas meadows is about an hour to the east of kamas, utah.
i had never been to kamas.  and we highly underestimated what they actually have there.
so while it should've only taken about 2 hours to get from provo to our campsite...
it ended up taking about 5-ish hours.
here's why:
we took the LONGEST, WEIRDEST car ride to get to park city all because we were determined to get to wal-mart.
(note: car ride was not long or weird because of company, but only because we were all confused about where we were or why we were there.)
so after stocking up on the "essentials" (s'more stuff and sleeping bags) at the wal-mart in park city,
we headed back to kamas.

on the road back to kamas we see - food king.
a.k.a. our salvation
a.k.a. kamas' version of wal-mart
a.k.a. we just drove for an hour-and-a-half for no reason

we ended up living the next 2 days (okay...maybe just a day) on dr. pepper, powdered donut holes, sun chips and starbursts.
basically we're the classiest campers i know.

we spent our time searching for firewood,
talking pictures of the foliage,
playing cards,
telling scary stories that featured bill o'reilly,
and performing an impromptu rendition of "yellow submarine."
(we all took turns with the trumpet part, if you must know.)

here's the camping crew and a flower with a sneaky bug.
N and i are INCAPABLE of taking a good picture together.  surprised?
me neither.
and of course, A and T are always great at the picture thing.

our campsite was right next to the bear river.
it was so beautiful.
and the constant, soothing river sound was always a nice feature.

here are the sights.

every change in sunlight brought out a new pretty feature of the campground.
i wish i would've had my camera when i went for water with N.
it was right around "glowy time" and i just about went weak at the knees because of how pretty the grass looked.
maybe i need some action or maybe it was just really pretty.
you be the judge.

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Emerald said...

Oh N,
You take good pictures.
I'm beyond glad that you guys had such a good camping experience.
Heart you bunches,