"if someone hurts you so much 
that your feelings seem to choke you,

forgive and you will be free again."
-elder busche-

i can't tell you (yes, you) how much this quote means to me.
let alone this whole talk.
(go there. i promise you won't regret it.)

but i can tell you that forgiveness has become my mantra.
not only for others, 
but for myself.

it's hard, i'll admit - but i know it's worth it.

people say things or do things that aren't fair
or right
or good
or kind in any way,
but instead of breaking into a million pieces...
i'd rather spend my time becoming the best person i can.
growing closer to the people who love me unconditionally.
learning more about my savior.
and finding peace.

so keep me in check bloggies.
i'm gonna be better.
let's be better together, okay?

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