ode to sailing
when the weather is fine
and the water is...green. (weird.)
head for the lake of utah - 
 for it is really keen.

don't forget your sailing hat - 
make sure your course is true.
if it gets hot, shed some layers
or...lurk o'er the sail...woohoo!
(click to make dah pitchers biggah!)

i'm not lying when i say that sailing is crazy fun.
craaaazy fun.
isaac is a pretty cool guy for letting us little idiots come on the boat with him.
he even taught us how to tack.
(well...everyone else learned, i just switched sides of the boat at the right time.)

and the photographic gem of the trip:


Emerald said...

1) That square of pictures: looks like a JCREW add.
2) You, my friend, should be Utah's next poet laureate.
3) That picture of Troy with the floaties: what the hell? Really, huh?

cheers! andie said...