excuse me, sir.

pardon me for being vague, but just deal.
i'll get back to my silly lists and vain attempts at being hilarious later.

it's getting colder outside.
i'll feel whole when i can see the white cloud of breath in front of my face.
i plug my ears with pink tips to make the plodding steps seem faster and i tap keys and compile words to make the minutes go quicker, but i can erase and erase and erase erase erase erase erase erase and never forget.
the cloud goes away in the summer, but you.
you defy seasons.
i'll feel whole when i can leave this all behind...
too bad it's getting colder outside.

things i'm looking forward to:
-loving on miss love for one last semester.
-snow pictures.
-watching this at least 3 more times.
-the apple beer i put in the fridge so it'd be chilly in the morning. in fact...i might go drink it now.

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Stephen said...

Erase erase erase.