the best of both worlds? doubt it.

sunday, october 6th, 1:03 AM
me: "ooo! it's cold mountain." (referring to the movie that just came on our tv.)
roommate who shall remain nameless because we protect the ignorant in natalie-ville: "i know. it's freezing in here."

it's probably my bedtime because i find that so funny.

this week's goal on natalie's road to self-improvement:
be nicer to people.

i called miley cyrus an idiot in front of my 6 year-old niece (because she wants to be hannah montana for halloween) and my mom chastised me.
i also came to realize how awkward it is to threaten a pregnant woman that you will "punch her in the baby maker." (relax kids, it was my sister. and she was all for it...hoping that it would induce labor.)
i love my family.

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Stephen said...

Miley Cyrus is bomb. She really is.