have a sense of humor.

4 things that suck about having epilepsy as a 20 year-old girl (aside from the obvious):

1. when you go to the ER after having 3 seizures in a row, you have to take off your shirt and put on a hospital gown. now normally that wouldn't be so bad, but then the cute lab tech comes in and has to put a heart monitor on...well, let us not forget that the heart is located in a very awkward spot for females. needless to say, i hate the ER.

2. YOU CAN'T DRIVE FOR 3 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF EVERY SEIZURE YOU HAVE. this might seem like a pretty obvious annoyance, but epilepsy is quite common in children (who can't drive) or elderly people over the age of 65 (who probably shouldn't be driving anyways). i am 20. and i just got a new car stereo.

3. you are late to teaching your sunday school class because everyone in your ward has to ask you how you are doing. every week. and it usually involves a 5 minute conversation having to do with other topics (i.e. marriage, school, lotion etc.). while i am touched that they are concerned for my well-being and wanting to know about the latest deals at bath and body...my class disappears if i'm late.

4. you have to call your mom as soon as you wake up or she frets all morning about your safety. i always forget and in result - get an anxious phone call at 9 AM.

(i'm really not complaining - things could be so much worse. i just thought i would share.)