top ten part deux

10 things i've learned this summer so far (continued):

6. i love virginia.

5. seizures lead to lots of medical tape gunk stuck on your arm despite countless hours of scrubbing. and when i say "countless hours" - i mean a couple of minutes.

4. there is nothing good on t.v. at 4:30 in the morning.

3. the 4th of july is still the best holiday around.

2. only having 9 list items when you previously promised 10 is obnoxious.

1. don't start lists that you have no intention of finishing.

thank you and goodnight.


aprilshowers said...

You actually only have six list items! Six!! And I was SOO excited for ten!

aprilshowers said...

apparently google felt the need to inform you on my current personal hygiene status...