so...i thought this was funny.

just go with it.

type in "(your name) wants" or "(your name) needs" into a search engine.

1. natalie wants to know about SVU vs. Oz.

indeed i do. svu vs. oz, rock on.

2. natalie wants your shoes.

i always want shoes. especially yours.

3. natalie wants to cuddle, matt doesn't.

the only matt that i know is my brother-in-law, and i am perfectly okay that he doesn't want to cuddle with me.

4. natalie wants you to take action.

take action against...birds nesting in my parking garage. i really hate them.

5. natalie wants to include "two cigarettes in the dark" in her club act.

i won't smoke them, but they can sit on stage with me or something...

6. natalie wants to get slimed.

if this means the nickelodeon slime, then who doesn't? if this means something else...then no. i don't want to.

7. natalie wants ryan and matt and them to save her some food.

i'm awfully dependent on whoever this matt person is. and if he won't cuddle with me, then why would he save me food?!?! number 7.5 is "natalie wants to break up with matt." so there. jerk.

8. who knows what natalie wants or what she likes, but we know what she doesn't like, that's for sure.

i don't like birds, i just told you.

9. natalie wants you to use this bulb.

yes. i do.

10. natalie wants to stay.

well...that depends on a lot of things.

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