I probably should've waited until it was October 21, 2015 to start writing again. THEN I could've pretended like I was Marty McFly-ing it and writing this from the future/past in my puffy vest and flannel shirt.
It's a been a while, internet. I thought it was time to dust off the old keys and give this another go.

It's nice to come back to a place where I feel like I can't get much more embarrassing than some of my earliest posts. Less pressure to impress.

I've been reading this blog for the last few days. I think I go through some morbid streaks and this blog might be another in a series in that particular habit, but I really enjoy reading blogs from people who are just people. Maybe they are sick or sad. Or they are happy and want to talk about pine trees or their dog. But they aren't trying to sell you anything and maybe some days nothing remotely interesting even happened, but they are telling you about their lives.
I like that.

I guess what I'm trying to get at, is that a lot has happened. And I wanted somewhere for myself to write it all down.

So that's why this post is titled "revenir." In French, it means to come back/to return here.

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