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Jonathan used to teach Sunday School in our student ward in college. I remember one Sunday, when I asked who the guy was teaching our class, my friend Isaac leaned over to me and said "That's Jonathan. He had a heart attack a couple of months ago." I remember feeling really sad and worried for him. Not because he looked frail - he looked just like a normal college student - but because I knew he was just a young dude like the rest of us. Why did this happen?

Once I got to finally meet Jonathan, date him, love him, marry him - I learned more and more about what his heart attack really meant as best as I could without having experienced one myself:
 - The late nights at the ER just to be sent home with no real reason why his chest was feeling strange.
 - The times when we would be up late watching cartoons to get our minds off of heart attacks and things of that nature (I'm looking at you, Parenthood).
 - The fear.
 - The worry.

I thought I was prepared and I think we both hoped that maybe it was a fluke. They said it was genetics, but maybe they were confused and it was just a freak thing. He was only 29!

Late on Saturday September 5th, Jonathan had his second heart attack and two stents placed in his right coronary artery.
We got to the ER on Saturday night and I think we both kind of thought he'd get the look over from the doctors, they'd do some tests and we'd be on our way back home really early that next morning. We had done this song and dance a month before and I was trying not to let my mind wander to the worst case scenario. Maybe it was some bad food! Or some weird muscle thing? But by the time 5 AM rolled around, he was in the cath lab getting prepped for an Angiogram and I was in the waiting room, calling family.

He's only 34! But his new cardiologist, in the least sugar-coaty way possible, told us that it's his genes.

So this is our reality.

Right now, it's about a week out from everything and I found out on Tuesday that a week is the perfect amount of time to let everything build up and then sob on your couch to your poor husband about how HIS heart condition is sad to you. I'm pretty pathetic. He sure is a great listener though. And incredibly strong - I'm very proud of him.

We're still figuring out this new normal, but we sure are thankful for all that we have. Our families (who were there the second they heard), our friends, our jobs and each other.

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