Writing about Writing...wait. What?

When I was in elementary school, I had this friend named Emilie. She was very theatrical and probably the most dramatic third grader that has ever existed. Emilie would always talk about emotions and acting and random things that college aged girls live for (at least...the college girls I hung out with...in college), but a gaggle of third graders at recess? Not so much. She was so different from any other friend I had in elementary school. I remember a lot of times feeling really uncomfortable because she challenged a lot about how I saw the world. She was just so confident in herself - and that was kind of startling to see in someone who was only 9.
I remember we would sit in a circle on the highest hill at Bates Elementary and sing Ace of Base's "I Saw the Sign" and choreograph dances to it. There was a time where this fact used to embarrass me, but I'm far enough removed from it now that it's sweet and something that I hope my kids do at recess with their friends.
The point of mentioning this third grade comrade is because she was the first person that turned me onto writing for something other than class assignments and notes to friends. I remember she and I liked the same boy, but because I was the shy, tom-boy that had been randomly invited into her mini-diva world, I pretended that he was just my friend. I remember that I secretly thought I had the upper hand because he lived in my neighborhood and went to my church, but my friend, being Catholic, didn't know much about Mormon services or what a sweet deal it was that I got to stare at my third grade dream for 3 more hours than she did every Sunday. And that's about all that I did - stare and write poems. You see, Emilie had taught me all about writing poetry and how sometimes the only way to really deal with our crazy lives was to write it out.
Now I could spend a whole blog post on the ridiculous subject matter of my third grade poems - and how ridiculous it was that I thought my life was so...emotionally tumultuous that I needed to write poetry, but again - I'm at peace with it.

What I'm really trying to get at - is that I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want this blog to be, and most of the time, I come to the conclusion that I really like writing for the sake of writing. Maybe it's my third grade self dying to write one last poem about "Oreo" (this was his code name that my friend made up for my crush - no, it wasn't some racial comment (who do you think we are?). It was because Oreos are delicious and (still) my cookie of choice) or I just really feel like talking about all of the blessings that have come my way lately (as there have been MANY). Either way - I hope you'll be patient with me as this blog goes through a bit of a growing period.

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