welcome back photo dump

i haven't posted anything since august?

i'm now going to flood your eyes with photos so i have things to talk about other than the fact that j and i both got sick in sunny st. george over our long weekend.
but we didn't have to wear 20 coats and 5.5 scarves to go outside!
and my hair dried in 2 hours instead of freezing into icicles and then proceed to look gelled for the next 5.
so it was a success.

for halloween, i was finally a dinosaur! jonathan was a shark. we went to a costume party and everyone scoffed at us because it just looked like we were wearing hoodies, but then when we put our hoods on everyone had to apologize (for fear of being eaten) and then they were jealous because they were the best/comfiest/no fuss costumes ever.
and we made them!

jonny boy gave me flowers for valentine's day. so cute, that husband of mine. he's also really talented

i made a real life dinner one night. just for funsies. 

elementary school crafts for valentine's day.

i tried my hand at nail art. it's a cheetah print, thankyouverymuch. and good news, the other hand didn't look anything like this. it's time like these that i wish i was ambidextrous. 

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