quick thoughts for a sunday

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this weekend has been pretty eventful.
lots of reminders why i am... 
so lucky to be marrying my best friend who is amazing and strong. i don't know how i ever lived without him.
so happy to be a part of a family (and soon joining another family) that is so caring of one another.
so blessed to have the knowledge of the true gospel. i know that He lives. He loves us. and He listens to prayers. 
so tired all the time. stress and no sleep makes nat a dull girl...and by dull i mean grouchy.


Kathy V said...

Hi. I can't remember if I commented the last time I stalked your blog. So please excuse if I'm repeating myself, which I'm pretty sure I'm not. You see, I had to come check you out since you were showing up in a LOT of photos on the FB page of one of my ALL TIME most favorite employees (UVU Math Lab) and I had to a) see if I approved, and b) find out what the heck was really going on between you two, since all Jon posts on FB are gaming scores. So the first time I stalked your blog, I left feeling pretty good about things. I have returned in hopes of finding out when you are actually getting married, since, of course, that kind of information would not be available on Jon's FB page. (Found it. Thanks.) I suppose I could just ask him, but what would be the fun in that? (And I think it embarrasses him just a bit to be one of my pet past-employees). Apparently, he did come to visit me at work the other day and I wasn't there. So maybe he was dropping off a wedding announcement, and all this stalking was really unnecessary. So congratulations for snatching one of the greatest guys around, and it looks like he's done pretty well for himself, too. I'm thrilled for both of you.

natalie. said...

ohhhh Kathy
i've heard so so so much about you from jonathan - and by so so much i mean - how much he loved working for/with you, how much he wishes he could work for/with you again, and basically just overall good things about you.
thanks so much for the congrats! i'm a lucky girl for sure.
be looking for an announcement soon!