changez R fuhn.

let's be honest, kids.
it's been a while.
like a month.

and i totally have 2 papers due by midnight - so of course i have to blog.
(and it's funny because emy thinks i'm working on my papers because she can hear me typing...i swear i'll get it done, okay?!?!)

i move home to ogden on saturday. 
i'm leaving behind life as a single, college girl.
i'm starting an internship at this place - which i'm so stoked about.
and i get to marry my best friend. (80 days!)
basically the best. summer. ever.

but it's still strange to me that i'm leaving behind a world that i've grown accustomed to.
the first night i came to college, i sat in my little, green station wagon and cried until i fogged the windows. 
i was terrified to leave home.
and while i doubt i'll do much crying when i'm sleeping in my big, comfy bed and eating my mom's delicious cooking (until i have to eat my own pitiful cooking) - i'm still going to miss this home in provo.
(and i don't have a green station wagon anymore...so it wouldn't be quite the same.)

what i'm trying to say is...
i'm grateful for where i've been
excited for where i'm going.

provo. i love you. you've been so good to me.
please don't ever change.

ogden. you are my first love.
i hope you haven't forgotten me.
i'll be yours again in 4 days.

layton. we've been friends for a long time.
but soon you will be my home.
be nice to my jonny until i get there.


Emerald said...

Dont like, freak out, but, I love you natty. I selfishly wish we could always be roomies. I feel weird about how much I will miss you. I feel weird that I am posting said emotions on the interwebs. Consider it proof of how deep my love goes.

natalie. said...

oh i love emoting via interwebs.
i love you too, emy girl.
sorry i didn't do more of a personalized shout out to you and roomies past (i almost did), but i probably would've come off as schmaltzy...and i have an image to uphold and stuff.