in terms of engagement.

i'm getting a new last name.
(aka i'm engaged, betrothed, he-liked-it-so-he-put-a-ring-on-it)
i'm over the moon about it all and i figured i might as well document the event of being proposed to (and getting engaged and being engaged) for posterity and such.
(maybe my posterity won't read blogs -  they'll communicate with their mindzzzz and be like "we have to read?!?! psh.")
(just kidding. i'll make them read this while they feed me gruel in my nursing home.)

(this is going to be a long post, but it's basically pretty important guyz, so deal.)
so let's start at the beginning.
and by the beginning, i mean my first date with this guy:
(oh he's so handsome.)
on a monday in september (the 13th to be exact), jonny and i had our first date. 
amongst other random activities like watching weezer music videos and eating at bamboo hut, we played yahtzee.

we played 2 rounds of yahtzee that night.
i won the first game. jonny won the second. (i have the scorecards to prove it.)
we never resolved this tie because i was busy trying to get jonny to hold my hand. 
(you can't hold hands while rolling dice!)
and he was busy being nervous about wanting to hold my hand.

so let's fast forward about 6.5 months to last week.
jonny had been telling me since monday that he had a surprise for me.
and later he told me that he had found yahtzee for only $3 at target.
both exciting tidbits of news.
i seriously love yahtzee...and surprises.

so friday, march 11th, i left my house wearing (what i'm realizing now was) a weird, jumbly outfit, greasy hair, and nail polish that was begging to be peeled off of my fingernails (my favorite).
after finding out that my surprise was jonny cutting his hair 
(he hadn't cut it since we started dating and i was surprised),
i had resigned it to being the typical friday night of nat and jonny
(i was maybe a little bit grateful because of the aforementioned ensemble/hair situation).

we went to bajio's for dinner, browsed through the red box looking for movies that weren't about frat parties or talking golden retrievers (obviously we failed) and decided we'd watch mr. sunshine on hulu.

yahtzee sat on a table in jonny's front room for most of the night. it wasn't even opened and i kind of forgot about it until mr. sunshine ended and jonny asked what i wanted to do next.

at this point, i had picked off ALL of my nail polish - so my nails looked awesome. 
and i was wrapped up in a blanket, sitting on jonny's floor.
(basically what every guy wants to see in a girl before he asks for her hand in marriage and such.)

i suggested we play yahtzee. 
jonny didn't even coax me towards the game. 
hadn't brought it up all night.
acting as if he had completely forgotten about even owning yahtzee.
sly, jonny.
real sly.

so we play a game of yahtzee. 
i won. (big surprise. ha. kidding, jonny.)
jonny suggests we play another - i figured he just wanted to win and avenge his yahtzee name.

j:  "i went first last time, so it's your roll."
n:  "oh. okay."

i look inside the yahtzee cup and see something metallic around one of the dice.
jonny sees me looking quizzically inside the yahtzee cup (again, i'm the picture of beauty/perfection, right?) and tells me that i'm not supposed to look - that i'm just supposed to dump out the cup.
so i do.

i don't even remember if there were dice involved in that roll.
all i know is that a sparkly something was on the carpet in front of me.

j:  (with a huge smile) "which one are you gonna keep?"
n:  "this one!"
j:  "will you marry me?"
n:  "yes. of course!"

(click it to enlarge - not that my hand needs to be any bigger, but you can see the bling better)
so now i'm the lucky wearer of this baby
an even luckier fiancee to the greatest man ever.

i am blessed.


sabrina said...

thanks for the details. that is a beautiful ring! i assume you helped pick it out??
congrats - i was so excited to see the news. :)

Selena said...

so exciting!!! congrats pretty lady!!!

Emerald said...

Hellz ya!
who da bomb?
you guys be da bomb!!!

uh, I mean,
Best wishes to you both. May your days be long and filled with joys as bright as the morning dew on a sprig of baby's breath.

Kristina said...

This was such a fabulous post! Congrats and good luck and all that jazz!
Kristina J.