sail on, great ship.

(this picture has nothing to do with the post, except that it's kind of funny. 
look at the baby's face.  pure wonder mixed with a bit of terror.  and a chubby chin.)

anyways.  this is what i wanted to talk about...

and you can hear the siren's song
but it's not where you belong.
-'watchman, what is left of the night?' - greycoats

let's think about this for a sec.
imagine that you're a sailor.  
you've been on a boat with a bunch of dudes for weeks, months, years perhaps.  
you're tired.  probably drunk.  and most likely sick from one thing or another.
and then!
you hear it.
the most beautiful song you can possibly imagine coming from even prettier creatures.
haunting.  inviting.  and probably a little bit scary.
and you're trapped. 
too curious to let it go.
but your curiosity becomes the death of you.
if not literally, then certainly metaphorically.

how could something that once seemed so right, so beautiful, so...persistent be bad?
how should we be expected to resist the siren's song?
it was crafted to be alluring and dangerous.

now imagine that you've spent that last two years listening to that same siren song.
the initial attraction gets you everytime, of course.
but the luster fades when there's nothing to back the beautiful sound.
it's just a dark comfort, not a necessity.

that's when you sail for the lighthouse and pray the song doesn't follow.

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Brently said...

Very poetically put.