sorry sorry

(random note i didn't want to put in a whole other post:  i love when people end blog posts with:  "so that's what i think about ________________.")

dearest bloggies,
i have to apologize about my vague blogs, short blogs, meaningless blogs and blogs that just state my opinion of a certain celebrity.  so i guess i'm apologizing for 90% of this blog....
i've been thinking about the social footprint i'm leaving through this blog, and if i'm going to tie my name to this sucker, i best be proud of it.
so i'm going to promise you guys (all 3 of you), that i'm going to try to be better about this whole...thing.


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

Social feet. Cute!

Brently said...

I better be one of those 3! That's all I have to say or we are no longer friends. The End.

Emerald said...

This makes three. Yessssss.