five guys burgers and fries

The red tiles that dotted the wall were like lots of little clown noses against a stark white background. The music played loudly over the speakers and a quiet woman cleaned up the discarded peanut shells on the floor. We entered to a chorus of men shouting a loud welcome. This was Five Guys.
Five Guys Burgers and Fries started in Arlington, Va. in 1986 and was greeted with such excitement that over the last 20 years it has quickly expanded into a nationwide franchise. The workers are friendly, the food is fresh and the environment adds to the anticipation that customers already have to eat what the Tampa Tribune calls “heaven on a bun.”
Since Five Guys has made its presence in Sandy, Utah, local diners and burger connoisseurs alike have had full bellies and a smile on their face. When it comes to making a good meal, Five Guys knows how to do it right.
Nothing served at Five Guys is ever frozen, all of their potatoes that they turn into delicious french fries are from Idaho, and they only cook with 100% Peanut Oil. To top it all off, they have fry sauce by the bucket load. So it really is no wonder why the residents of Utah love this new hot spot.
The menu is simple - fries, burgers and drinks. Nothing else is there to distract from the juicy goodness waiting on the grill or the hot potatoes in the fryer.
Virginia natives are ecstatic about the restaurant’s appearance in the Sandy scene.
“The fries are the best things ever. They are so fresh,” said Lisa Hepfinger, a freshman at Brigham Young University. “I don’t even care that it takes a while to get to Sandy. I have to get my Five Guys fix somehow.”
Watching the cooks makes the food and environment that much more enjoyable. They dance to the music, they greet every new customer and they smile as they deliver the fresh order to its waiting owner.
These diligent employees are always watching and waiting to bid every future Five Guys addict farewell as they leave with food in their stomach. Leaving that last reminder of your time well spent.

outside the restaurant.

the infamous peanuts.

the cooks.

our bag of fries.

before the first fry was taken.

glory of glories! it's fry sauce!


say goodbye.

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