maybe this is a bit off subject

...but nelson mandela and morgan freeman may or may not be related.

i really don't feel like clarifying for you which photo is nelson and which is morgan, because you should just know that already.


and if you don't...make it your 2009 resolution or something.
watch glory and read about anti-apartheid movements.

in other news - a girl just came into my office and tried to leave through the wrong door. it was hilarious. especially considering she was trying to be all cool about it.
my office crushes all hopes of ever being cool about anything.
nice try though, lady.

today in english, i actually spoke.
so much for leading my class to believe that i was mute.

i also wrote a ridiculous analysis for my news writing class which probably had too much voice and not enough boring grammar jargon.
so much for being rewarded for having personality.

also! has anyone seen the coca-cola commercial where the stewie and wonder dog balloons are fighting for the giant bottle of coke?
i love that charlie brown ends up winning the coke.

it gives me a little hope that in the end - i too could win a giant coke balloon.

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Stephen said...

Not all black people are related, Nat.