eight days into the new year, baby.

i interviewed for a job at the body shop.
my sources say it's a good chance i'll be living it up in lotion heaven pretty soon.
at my interview, the manager told me that in junior high, her friend came to school totally traumatized because she thought she was pregnant.
her little sister had peed on her.

my new roommate, who is totally adorable, talks in her sleep.
every night.
it's the funniest thing.
i wonder what she dreams about.

i really really suck at getting up early.

so in result - if you don't dry your hair for 3 days straight, you trick people into thinking that you have naturally curly hair.

i may or may not be willing to sell my soul to have katy perry's legs.
i'm just sayin.

and goldfrapp, in this picture, looks like an olsen twin.

hope 2009 has been treating you well so far.

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