six quirky things about me.
does quirky really just mean weird?

one. i hardly ever wear socks unless i have to. i hate the feeling of fuzzy socks against my feet. i really don't know why, but it creeps me out. if my feet are so cold that i can't stand it, i will either get a blanket or put on these really thin socks that aren't fuzzy, but that's rare.
two. i eat smarties and m&m's in even numbers so there are 2 (or 3, depending on how much i'm eating)little candies on each side of my mouth. i eat gobbstoppers and skittles in colors and patterns. (i.e. 2 purple and a yellow with the yellow in the middle of the purples to make a pretty pattern. in this case, i will eat three things, but only because of the pattern rule.) if i am left with one little candy baby sitting in my palm, i will split it in half in my mouth and chew a half on each side.
three. i have a certain way of brushing my teeth that has made every roommate i've had so far laugh when they hear. i think i learned the technique from watching my dad brush his teeth when i was little, but maybe i made that memory up to sound more whimsical. i really don't know how to explain it except that it's a suck and spit combo, but really fast.
four. i never let my fingernails get very long. this is partly because my nails are jacked up and will never grow evenly and also because i just don't like them...on me. sausage fingers with long nails still equals sausage fingers. there's no changing that. nope nope nope.
five. i refuse to say balls. no matter what it pertains to. i just won't. ever. unless of course it was an answer to a question on a game show that resulted in me winning lots o' money.
six. i will often wear my fleece blanket like a cape or a toga. i honestly don't even know why i do this, but it might be because it keeps the blanket from falling off of me while i'm doing other things.

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Stephen said...

You're a very good person.