hey mama. welcome to the sixties.

i've been without my very best friend for one year.
he's just in canada.
having a party with his nametag and suit all day, everyday.

it's weird how life can magically fill in the gaps that you thought would never close up. (isn't this a song already?) not that i thought i would die or anything, but new people have come and gone to fill this "gap." interesting.
life is cool like that.

i've discovered this week that i really dislike when people don't say goodbye when they leave (whether an internet convo or in person), but as i'm writing this down i'm thinking..."do i say goodbye like i should?" i probably don't.
sorry if you've been affected by my rudeness.

today i spent at least a solid hour and a half playing party games. you know the ones where you have to guess the pattern of the items you can bring to the party? (i.e. person 1: "i'm throwing a party and i'm going to bring an Apple." person 2: "can i bring a Bear to your party?" person 1: "yes you may." etc etc etc) it was wonderful how much enjoyment i got from such a simple concept. the eras before computers movies and ipods, sure knew how to party. and that isn't even the least bit sarcastic.

i have some pictures to put up on my picture blog. if anyone's out there, can you remind me to post them soon? i'll forget it you don't. and you don't want to miss out on ANYTHING i post.
in fact, you should be taking notes on what i say. i expect a 10-page paper on my methodologies ASAP. 12 pt. font, times new roman, single spaced.


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