top ten part une

10 things i've learned this summer so far:

10. i'm a little bit in love with the alltel wireless guy. chad is a hot name. and he looks fabulous in blue.

9. the "sprint" guy from the alltel wireless commercials (the guy in yellow in the picture above) totally looks like ben gibbard from death cab for cutie (the guy in the picture below). he could be ben's baby brother. how cute.

8. clothing retail is hard. lotion sells itself, clothes do not. certain clothes don't flatter people or that person is too short or too busty or too tall. i really should stick to desk jobs.

7. pretending to be engaged on facebook is more work than you think. at any given moment i have at least 10 notifications. it's kind of ridiculous. but look how cute we are!

(this picture is probably huge...sorry.)

stay tuned, batman...

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