i am natalie.
i'm kind of tall, but kind of short.
and my natural hair color is kind of brown, but kind of blonde.
i'm just all sorts of kind ofs.

i don't know who i'm voting for in the presidential election. intense emotion scares me so i tend to naturally shy away from anything having to do with politics.

i love to create things. and i may not be very good at it, but being able to step back and look at something that is well done, knowing that you gave it all your heart - makes me happy. (um...hi - that's my oprah segment.)

i'm awkward sometimes...usually those times occur right when i don't need them to.
i've been in love once in my whole life. it was horribly wonderful.

let's see...i have more than 5 best friends. maybe i need to raise my best friend standards or maybe i just meet really amazing people. (i'm pretty sure it's the latter.)

i'm a big music nerd. i like all kinds. i once told a kid that i liked all kinds of music and he just looked at me and said "oh. you're one of those." and while i'm not exactly sure what he meant by that, it seemed to imply that i didn't really have an opinion on music. which i do. i know what i like and i know what i don't like, but i'm pretty easy going. just don't ever make me listen to smooth jazz or country.

i love the fries from fuddruckers. but i hate saying that name.
fry sauce is probably one of my favorite foods...if condiments can be considered food...

and right now...my hair smells like campfire.
i love me some campfire.

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April said...

I am in love with this...and you. I think you probably need to raise your best friend standard, maybe even your friend standard while you are at it. It sounds like it is way too easy for you to love people, ;-).
I love you.