Today was one of those cliched moments where I realize that I'm slowly becoming my mother.

Here's some examples because bullet points make things seem more organized and I'm all over the place today:
  • I asked Jonathan this morning if he wanted me to make him a turkey sandwich to take to work for lunch. If I had to estimate how many times my mom asked me that very question throughout my life - I would say about one million times. My teenage angst-ridden answer was usually no, but now I more fully appreciate the offer. Why yes, I would love a turkey sandwich, Mom.
  • Today for lunch I had cottage cheese and peaches. It's my new favorite meal and I used to gag every time my mother even suggested the option. It was something that she really liked when she was pregnant with me. So it's basically a genetic trait that I just embraced.
  • One of the first things I want to do when I'm down and out with a cold or the flu is take a nice, warm shower. My mom always swore to their cure-all when I was sick growing up, but I always insisted that a warm shower would NOT help my fever or my runny nose. Only more Nickelodeon and cold glasses of Sprite.
I don't mind it all that much - as long as I get her ability to make a really good potato salad.
My mom took this selfie unprovoked. Mom's and their selfies, amirite?

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