four (4) things that make me concerned

author's note:  i wrote this late at night when i thought i was being HILARIOUS.

1. the "it's complicated." relationship tag on Facebook
we get it, people. you're either cracking yourself up over this joke or you're attempting to send a message to your significant other. whichever umbrella you fall under doesn't matter. you're creeping everyone out. same goes for those in relationships with fake people, "in an open realtionship" (what does that even mean?) inanimate objects (unless it's pie.), animals, or yourself.

2. coworkers listening to dubstep really early in the morning
particularly without headphones. what has you so jazzed, man?
i like to look at dubstep like i do musak. sometimes it's unavoidable-it's playing at the grocery store, the mall, or the drug den you frequent. you can hum along, maybe a little soft shoe near the canned tomatoes (because you're making Italian food, naturally), but you never choose dubstep to bump in the office.

3. kate gosslin haircuts?

i guess people are still getting them.

4. this movie.

especially the part where the random asian keyboardist pulls the "one time" move like she's in the fugees.
please say that you know what i'm talking about.

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