let's get reacquainted.

i know guys. i. know.
it's been ages.
but i'm back. and i brought some pictures with me!

i would like to blame my blog vacation (that sounds better than blog neglect) on the fact that we've been without internet for over a week, but i was just lazy/busy/bored before.
and now i've seen the error of my ways and being given the gift of internet access after an extended amount of time is like a present. a present that makes me want to write a blog, obviously. 
i feel embarrassed that it was such a big deal that we didn't have internet (stupid wind), but j and i both realized how much we really really rely on the internet for things (not that we didn't already know, but we were certainly reminded) - i.e. christmas shopping, hulu watching, facebook stalking, etc.

anyway, here are a few pictograms (they aren't really. i just like that word more.) to describe life right now.

started, finished and LOVED the hunger games over thanksgiving break. 
can't wait to read catching fire.

these were our contribution to the zempter family thanksgiving feast.
i call them li'l baby pies. but i call everything "li'l baby"...so i guess you could call them mini pies or tarts.
the artsy angle distracts your eye from the baby pie in the back that fell apart.
and my mention of said pie negates the angle and makes you only look at the messed up pie.
stop it.

our tree is up!
it was fun to have a tree this year since it's our first married christmas and we got an ornament in disneyland (i want to go to there) to put on our tree.
we plan to have all of our special ornaments on our tree in the future, but seeing as it's our first year and we only have one we (okay, i) figured that we should add some other ornaments so it looked a little more decorated.

i seriously think i have a thing for wreaths. i told j the other day that i would just like to stay home and make wreaths all day. this one is my favorite that i've made so far. (and the dark flowers are green...you just can't really tell because my phone is silly.)

my wonderful husband turned 31! we had a tiny party at my parent's house so that we wouldn't have to eat a giant cake all by ourselves...and also so he could get 9 pounds of gummy bears from my family.
they like him more than they like me.
happy birthday (again and belated), jonny love!

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