sometimes i get a little bored.
or try to be a bit productive.
this brings us to...my love for adobe illustrator.

here's a few goodies from lately.

 for baby:
(btw:  if you should invited to this shower, send me an email with your address. nataliew88{at}gmail{dot}com)

for wardies:

for motivation:

can you tell i love a certain font?
i should probably start branching out - but it's just so useful!

here are a few blog different blog headers that i've made:

(you can visit her blog here)

(she doesn't have a blog...yet, but i've been rallying for a while.)

that's what i've been up to lately...
let me know if you want some of my pretend expertise - i'm always looking for new forms of procrastination.

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Logan Smith said...

My blogs totes needs a new picture thing