a little dream writing.

i had a dream last night.
i was at an ice cream shop with friends.
i ordered neapolitan - and the boy behind the counter told me that no one liked that flavor.
so he asked me to reconsider.
i wouldn't.
and when i asked for more, he pretended that they were all out.
and gave me a chocolate peanut butter concoction...with caramel on top.
i hate caramel topping.

then i ended up paying $96.00 for this ice cream.
he didn't tell me why,
but i handed over my card gladly.

then i looked at the receipt and realized that he was charging me for:
tubs of ice cream.
vats of maraschino cherries.
payments towards his line of credit.

i didn't go up and try to fix the "mistake."
i just paid $96.00 for mediocre ice cream
with caramel on top.

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